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Health & Safety Institute (HSI) — Health & Safety Institute (HSI) — A world leader in emergency response, care, and safety training, HSI is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon and manages a family of brands that offer easy-to-use, dynamic instruction to communities, businesses, government agencies, and EMS and fire professionals.

Our success depends on the success of our Training Centers, Instructors, and students.  We take an industry-leading role in the development of professional standards and new courses, and we work extra-hard to make learning how to save lives easy, with industry-leading technical support and customer service.

Since 1978, and in partnership with more than 20,000 approved training centers, ASHI and MEDIC First Aid have authorized more than 200,000 professional safety and health educators who have certified nearly 23 million emergency care providers in the US and more than 100 countries throughout the world.

The HSI Family of Brands
Founded in Florida in 1996, ASHI is built on the idea of cost-effective training for communities and individuals, with a reduced administrative burden for professional trainers. ASHI programs meet CECBEMS requirements for professional responders, while offering Instructors the ability to customize classroom, online... (more +)
MEDIC First Aid
Founded in Portland, Oregon in 1976, MEDIC First Aid is a leading provider of workplace CPR/AED and first aid training programs. MEDIC First Aid focuses on standardized, convenient workplace training, for consistent, repeatable results. MEDIC First Aid courses make workplace training more consistent, with dynamic, engaging video... (more +)
Summit Training Source
Summit Training Source is the newest member of the HSI family of brands. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Summit was founded in 1981 to provide high-quality, technically accurate, and engaging environmental, health and safety compliance training materials, and now serves over 45,000 organizations worldwide... (more +)
24-7 EMS
24-7 EMS joined the HSI family of brands in 2008. 24-7 EMS courses meet the continuing education requirements for all EMS levels and are designed for the needs of workplace learning ... (more +)
24-7 Fire
HSI created 24-7 Fire in 2009 to compliment 24-7 EMS, its successful emergency medical services counterpart. 24-7 Fire courses are based on NFPA standards and OSHA, NIOSH, ... (more +)
EMP Canada
EMP Canada joined the HSI family of brands in 2009, providing emergency care training for the requirements of Canada’s national, provincial, and territorial occupational regulations... (more +)